Bowling is a tremendous sport. And while we don't intend to discourage anyone from visiting the local bowling establishment, sometimes it's practical to have other options.

Back Alley from Rent a Lane has a few perks that might pique the interest of people who are looking for something new:


  • No field trips to plan -- the bowling lane comes to you, which is not only more convenient, but also practical if your members have other agend items going on at your place at later times of the day.
  • Not permanently installed: The capability to assemble and disassemble means you can easily relocate the lane, or store it until needed


Since the lane is in 4 foot sections, the length can be shortened or lengthened to fit your accommodations. Please inquire about pricing for length adjustments

Shorter alley

A normal bowling alley is approximately 80 feet in length, from the beginning of the approach area to the back end of the lane. With "Back Alley" measuring at about 1/3 this length (27 feet), this is more practical in a number of ways.

  • How often does a person get to experience real bowling on an alley that's more "up close", where it's easier to hit the target?
  • Not only is the shorter distance less frustrating, but it allows the bowler to experience the pin action as it's meant to be seen.
  • And the shorter lane also illustrates the proficiency of the pro players, who roll on a full length lane.


Where else can you have 3 professional games, interchangeable in 1 bowling alley?

  • Your guests can experience the unpredictability of Duckpins
  • The stiffer challenge of Skittles
  • The prospect of a 'shorter in stature' version of tenpin bowling with Rubberducks

Smaller ball is easier to handle

There are significant advantages here:

  • Seniors, kids, and those with physical limitations can handle a lighter weight ball much easier than a tenpin ball, and it's less taxing on a person's back
  • Those individual in wheelchairs have a much easier time of swinging a ball with less chance of hitting the chair.
  • The smaller ball is basically a "one size fits all" situation, as opposed to trying to find a larger tenpin ball with finger holes that fit each hand.


No special shoes to rent, so there's less chance of falling down

A bowling alley at your place means:

  • Less expensive for guests
  • No need to worry about scheduling field trips to bowling alleys for a group, which can be awkward. At a local bowling alley, if you have a large group, you need to call ahead of time for a reservation, which can sometimes be difficult if the time of your outing conflicts with daytime leagues or parties.
  • You're not constricted to the demands of automatic scoring, telling you when to start and finish
  • For parties, you're not limited to 1 hour of bowling time and 1 hour of pizza -- you can schedule your entertainment in the sequence you want.
  • Familiar settings make it easier to keep an eye on the kids
  • And the kids are less inhibited and less intimiated, when there are familiar surroundings.

Make small ball bowling available in your geographic location.

You can't find Skittles in this country, and Rubberducks is extremely rare south of the canadian border. Duckpins is only found in certain areas, not even existing in some places any more.

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