PLEASE NOTE: The "Rent a Lane" Redesign will be ready for release by April 2023

Back Alley from Rent a Lane

Q: What is "Back Alley"?

A: "Back Alley" from Rent a Lane is a portable bowling lane, engineered to reproduce the "Small Ball Bowling" sports of real Duckpin Bowling, Skittles, or Rubberband Duckpins that you can host at your facility. With "Duckpin Bowling" featured, your group will be captivated by these new entertainment and exercise outlets. If you have the people, "Back Alley" provides the fun!
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Q: Sounds interesting, but what's it good for, and who exactly can use it?

A: The appeal of a "Back Alley" lane spans and engages all age groups, and the uses for it are practically limitless.
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Also, click here to check out the RADIO INTERVIEW about this "Rent a Lane" on NewsTalk 103.7. This might answer some of your questions.

Q: I see. I'm starting to like this idea. I've got the people, and it would indeed be good to get them involved in an activity. But, is bowling really good exercise?

A: Absolutely. Any concerns about wielding a heavy 15 or 16 pound ball are a non-issue with the "Small Ball" bowling games. (Take a look at an endorsement for bowling from WebMD, among other points.)
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Q: I didn't realize the health benefits. This is getting real good. Why is a "Back Alley" lane better than just a standard plastic backyard setup?

A: As with any sport that has professional players, duplicating the game as close as possible gives the everyday player an incentive to match his/her skills with the pros. With the "Back Alley" unit, a lot of precision work and actual small ball bowling experience went into its design, in an effort to make the game as close to the real thing as possible, and yet make it lightweight enough for a person to set up, while able to withstand the pounding and impact of real bowling balls and pins. There's also the prospect of generating revenue with it.
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Q: Do you mean I can make money with it, too? How?

A: Depending on your business, there are several ways to generate revenue, whether it be to just have the lane pay for itself, or to generate a significant profit.
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Q: Wow, aside from everything else, this League idea is really incredible. Like I said earlier, I've got the people, but how can I organize a league and keep track of it? I'm not great with spreadsheets or reports or anything -- Is there anything that can aid me?

A: Yes. North American Bowling, which is the parent of "Back Alley", has a phenomenal software application on the market that is bundled for free for anyone using the "Back Alley" lane. You'll probably be pleasantly surprised at how easy a solution this is.
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Q: Unbelievable! Can I talk to you about this?

A: Yes, feel free to send an email to, or call .
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