Easy Setup

The Back Alley unit is easy to set up, even for one person. It has been designed and crafted simple assembly and disassembly, and should take one person anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes.


The main part of the lane (foundation) is in 6 sections. Sections can be removed or added, depending on your available space, and your preference (please inquiring for pricing adjustment in this case).

Authentic Balls and Pins

Genuine and official balls and pins for the "small ball" sports are used for maximum effectiveness is duplicating the pin action of these games.

Regulation Width

To further make the games totally realistic, the lane has been constructed to the same width specifications of a real bowling lane.

27 Feet in Length

For practicality purposes, the "Back Alley" lane is about 1/3 the length of a normal bowling lane. The length doesn't matter, however, in regard to the pin action.

Customizable Colors

Lanes can be customized to your personal preference, if desired.

"Promotion Ready"

One of the perks of "Back Alley" is its ability to advertise a company or service when set up at a public function.

*For the Disabled:

A special bowling ramp can be provided for those events in which players need assistance in propelling a ball forward towards the pins.

*For Pin Setting:

If you're unable to acquire a "pinboy" or "pin girl", a "Reacher" can be provided to aid those who will be setting pins. With a "Reacher", a person can be sitting down and still reset pins, as well as clearing fallen pins.