Revenue Generator

Not only can "Back Alley" bring a lot of useful and needed exercise and entertainment to your members, but it can also make money for you:

Sub-rent the lane

This is very similar to the idea of sub-leasing an apartment. You can rent or buy a "Back Alley" unit, and then provide a rental service of your own (see PARTIES), or you can be a re-seller.

Host leagues, collect on lineage

See LEAGUES section, but in a nutshell, your leagues can chip in part of their weekly member dues to help pay for the rental, just as leagues do in regular bowling establishments

Take advantage of the "Promotional" aspect

If you were to take your "Back Alley" unit to a public event and weren't too concerned with promoting your own business, a vendor may want to pay you to have its name across the front of the unit (See PROMOTIONS)