Products from North American Bowling

Over the course of 40 years, North American Bowling has produced a unique and far-reaching suite of products.

"Back Alley" from Rent a Lane
Portable Bowling Alley

Bring the fun and excitement of Duckpin Bowling, Rubberband Duckpins, or Skittles to your next event.

The possibilities are limitless as to who can use a "Back Alley" unit, whether it be Day Care centers for the young, Senior Centers for the elderly, party rentals, or any group gathering that's looking a different and fun time.

Automatic Evelyn
Exciting, Ground-Breaking Application for the Entire World Wide Web

  • What would you call a "one of a kind" record-keeping application for the #1 indoor recreational sport in the USA that is comprehensive, yet simple to use?
  • And, what if this application worked for you as a "Virtual Web Developer" -- which is to say that all you have to do is feed it basic statistical data each week, and it creates websites for you, and then goes out and publishes these websites on the Internet, all by itself?
  • And what if this same application could take your separate business product, your service, or even your brand name, and perform relevant advertising to millions of people across the world on a weekly basis?
As a result of 35 years of development and evolution of a desktop-based application, North American Bowling has developed such an entity for the web. "Automatic Evelyn" is the web's only Record-Keeping/Virtual Web Developer/Nationwide Marketing application. It's currently in use, and it's ready for business.

The potential of this product is phenomenal for any business that has a message to deliver to the public on a large scale. Contact North American Bowling to learn more!

North American Bowling News
Bowling Magazine

The North American Bowling News is a publication for the sport of bowling that explores many variations of the sport in existence today. Tenpins, Duckpins, Canadian Fivepins, European Ninepins, Lawn Bowling, and a host of others are included in the publication.

Personal interviews with icons of bowling have included Pete Weber (tenpins), Liz Johnson (tenpins), Parker Bohn III (tenpins), and Jimmy Wolfensberger (duckpins).

Video Interviews

In an effort to preserve memories of glory days of the golden eras of bowling, "SpareTalk" is a YouTube channel devoted to interviews of some of the most memorable players in the sport. Lots of topics related to bowling, past and present, are within the scope of these interviews.

Inter-Continental Duckpin Bowling Challenge
Historic International Bowling Events

Signature moments for North American Bowling came about when the United States and Argentina organized a series of challenge matches between some of the best players of North and South America. These matches were unique as they were the only times through the year 2017 that the USA and Argentina competed on U.S. territory.

World Leagues Website
Where It All Began

The year 1996 was a big one for bowling and the web. In one way or another, all the products at North American Bowling are tied into this pioneering website. The website "" (originally listed as "") was the ground-breaker for a lot of bowling's nationwide and international exposure. One of the high-profile bowling leagues in the Washington Metro area, the "Men's Maryland Suburban Traveling League (MMSTL)" launched the first truly comprehensive website for a bowling league.

Several significant communcations, which ultimately involved "Duckpin Bowling" were made through the original MMSTL site:

  • Pioneer website for league bowling, collecting well over 2 million views from 85+ countries from 1996-2006
  • First contact in 1997 between Argentina and U.S. for a proposed match between the countries
  • Elementary school system phys. ed. instructor, Adelaide Currier, requests and receives pins and balls to introduce duckpin bowling to circuit of 17 elementary schools in Colorado area
  • Contact with Canadian bowling historian, John Honeyford, led to "Fivepin" bowlers joining the duckpin pro tour
  • Concept of "Brackets in Bowling" started in mid to late 1990s in MMSTL
  • MMSTL becomes first U.S. distributor of "Softroll" line of bowling balls
  • Through Worldleagues site, Argentinian bowling champion and federation president, Roberto DiSpirito, collaborates with U.S. to launch historic IDBC
  • Forerunner/prototype for Twitter was introduced and implemented in November 2005, several months before Twitter was founded
  • First mobile-based website for bowling originated through Worldleagues website
  • In 2013, creation and implementation of first fully-enabled web application for bowling league secretary, operating through WorldLeagues website, existing also as groundbreaking innovation -- virtual web developer application