How Can "Back Alley" Be Used

Child Care
Healthy Bodies and Healthy Minds are the Future of our Society

Looking for a great idea for your Day Care center? Duckpin bowling is an instant favorite among kids. There are a plethora of advantages to having "small ball" bowling as a part of kids' daily regimens:

  • Begins developing muscle tone
  • Enhances hand-eye coordination, balance, and the idea of physics (hit the front pin first to cause a chain reaction)
  • Educational (counting the pins and helping with developing abstract thinking -- setting the pins in the appropriate configuration)
  • Promotes teamwork (setting pins for each other), so it's not all about just one child
  • Reduces shyness (play with the other children)
  • Inspires self-confidence
  • Non-contact sport
  • Size of the child doesn't matter
  • As a group activity, the kids aren't locked into playing. They can come back to it at their own leisure if they lose focus
  • And most important of all - It's fun!!
From a business standpoint, a short phrase next to a Day Care listing/advertisement stating, "We now have real Duckpin Bowling" could lure parents to inquiring about the details of a Child Care provider that has "Small Ball" Bowling.

Senior Care
There are No Age Limits on Fun

Senior citizens are a natural fit for the BACK ALLEY product. Benefits for this age group of players include:

  • Promotes hand-eye coordination, and steadies balance
  • Muscle tone building through repetition of rolling a ball
  • Provides a focus
  • Allows seniors to re-live past glories, and explore new variations of games (Skittles, for example, has many different, fun versions)
  • Low impact physically. With "small ball bowling", the smaller ball is much easier to handle than a conventional tenpin ball, and thus less jarring on the body. And, with BACK ALLEY, the 'slide' is not a part of the equation and therefore the chance of falling is much less of an issue
  • Relieves stress

Business Promotions
Announce your 'Brand' to the Public with an Eye-Catching and Inviting Display

UNIQUE, ALLURING, MAGNETIC, ENGAGING: All these adjectives describe the BACK ALLEY unit, which are key factors in attracting customers to your brand. Why are these ingredients important advertisers for your business?

  • Unique: Something new and different gets a person's attention
  • Alluring: People see it and come to it
  • Magnetic: The fascination of seeing a game in action, played by others is entertaining
  • Engaging: There is a temptation to get in on the fun -- attendees soon want to give it a try

School Programs

Bowling as a Physical Education function -- In the 1960s, many high schools in the Washington area featured duckpin bowling as part of the "Phys Ed" curriculum. And back in 1997, a Colorado district featured duckpin bowling in its school educational awareness program.

Party Rentals

Rent a Lane parties are a "natural" for birthday celebrations. Birthdays are one of the primary sources of revenue for bowling centers

Fire Houses

24-hour shifts can get pretty boring between calls. A bowling lane at the fire house can be a great diversion for our brave public servants.

Amusement Businesses, Theme Parks, Arcades, and Carnivals

A Skittles lane is the perfect addition to a carnival. The difficulty level for rolling a strike or spare is deceptive, and a viable temptation for customers to give a try.